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Lavinia Stamps Dream Catcher

I'm doing a 3 part YouTube series on decorating the Snow Drops Lavinia Stamps Dream Catcher! It's looking marvelous, if I do say so myself. Come join me and follow along...

It took a few days and I have over 3 hours of footage to edit! I learned some things about Brushos watercolour crystals. I will definitely have to practice with those. I am used to using pencils and pan colours. But, they have so much creative potential!

I love our pictures of us on our Meet the Team page. They are super cool, made with the anime filter from Instagram! My favorite picture of myself, lol.

Hoping to get some thank you cards and a birthday card made this weekend, we shall see!

I was unable to finish my project that I was going to submit for Craft Stash Card Maker of the Year. It just was not going to plan and I ran out of time to ship it to the UK from the US. But, fear not!, I will be finishing it properly and putting it on the shop site for sale. <3

Have fun and happy crafting everyone!

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