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Yuletide Happiness!

Let's be FA LA LA Fun!

I wish all of you fun and joy and creativity this season.

Happy Christmas, Merry Yule and a Bright Whatever-You-Celebrate 💞

For my advent calendar this year, I'm opening one that I've assembled myself. One of the most crafty projects by the spectacular Sally of Rickety Snippets printables! Of which, I am super delighted to be her design team 🥰. I've got a series of advent openings with the most adorable and fun holiday ephemera you'll ever see. Check out the link to my YouTube channel and have a cozy sleigh ride in! As a bonus, I'm also showing you my process and how I "think" about creating my very own Winter Junk Journal. Wait until you see what I've used to wrap the's luscious! 🤩💙🩵🤍❄️

Happy Holidays to All and Craft Happy!!!

Thank you for being here and all your support! ❤️💞❤️


Cindy 💜💜💜

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