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Launching a Patreon Account!!!

Hello! I have some exciting news...I will be launching a Patreon account on December 1st. I hope you can join me and subscribe for exclusive videos and content. There will be a Beginners group to show the workings and types of everything from stamps/stamping, embossing folders, glitter, watercolours...You name it and I will cover it! I will have a Card Creating group to subscribe to that will have the basics to more elaborate designs and folds. Including easel types and steps and cutouts, plus much more! There will also be a book/journal making group to subscribe to. It will have basic construction and get more and more advanced as we go. From pamphlet stitch binding to elaborate Japanese styles. Of course, you will have imput as to what we projects and styles we cover in all the subscription levels!!! I'm super excited to get started with you 🥰💞💗💜💗💜. Also, there will be perks...such as, ephemera and supply gift packs and starting off with a random Journal Give-A-Way for the Holidays!!! It's a little bit of time to wait but I hope to see you there! 🤗😘🥰


I will post the link when I launch here first!!!

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