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Hubby does HIS flip through of MY Dragon Junk Journal!!!😳😅

Well, you guys asked for it...literally! 🤣🥰 The wonderful, enchanting and very goofy reaveal of my dragon junk journal is up and ready to be commented on. Hehe! Click the link to be transported to our YouTube channel and get ready for! There most certainly will be lots of laughter. Whether it be with tears of joy or WTF?! we welcome one and all.

It was a book of two firsts for me. One, the first time I used an old book, gutted it(mostly) and made new pages with the ones I left in. And, second, the first time I used purchesed printables from one and ONLY one kit by a single seller, VectoriaDesigns on Etsy. I think it came out to be a magical, varied and treasure of a book. Even if I do say so myself, lol.

So, what are you waiting for?!? Click away, my good people!!! 🥰

Ps. Here is the page he accidentally missed! 😊😁

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